Water Proofing

Water Proofing Specialists! 

Services We Provide:
  • Parapet Reconstruction/Repair

  • Exterior/Interior waterproofing Systems

  • Thorocoat

  • Lintels

  • Caulking

  • Brick pointing

Tri-State General Construction INC is a NYC-based company that meets a simple but universally crucial need: KEEPING WATER OUT OF YOUR BUILDING STRUCTURE. Tri-State is fully licensed & insured to comply with all types of waterproofing jobs. Waterproofing forms a barrier between water and masonry surfaces. It’s a process of Thermal & Moisture Protection. The application of waterproofing materials seals windows, stone or masonry surfaces, helps prevent potentially dangerous water infiltration, and helps prolong the integrity of mortars and structural components. Tri-State provides professional services for installing & replacing Lintels, Brick Repointing, and Caulking.

Waterproofing is so important to the life of any building and each of possess unique challenges, our focus is on providing the highest standard of quality every step of the way, devising a custom-tailored approach to each project on a schedule that works for you.

We provide all of our clients with 24-hour emergency services.

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