Residential residential roofing

For our Residential customers we are GAF and Owens Corning Certified Contractors, we will insure your project is done right and mess free, if you are worried about your landscaping or anyone walking by our Equipter will protect instead of having a roofer who throws things to the ground, our Equipter will protect your property by going directly to your roof for all your roofing debris to go into.


Complete Reroofing
We will use our state-of-the-art roof buggy to ensure no particles from roofing debris fall to the floor. We will then check for any rotted plywood and replace accordingly. We will install all materials needed to ensure your job is done once and done right.


Layer Over
We will check your roof before installing a layer over the existing to ensure it is done properly. We will install a layer of shingles of your choice.


Roof Repairs
We will get to the bottom of your leaks and repair your roof to ensure no further damages will arise and let you know if the repair will fix your problems.