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Commercial Construction and Roofing Service in NY, NJ and CT

At TriState General Construction Inc. we let our commercial customers know, we are certified with Firestone and use many other products. We will ensure the job site is left clean and will do everything in a safe manner with our state-of-the-art Equipter, we will ensure your customers are always kept safe from any roofing debris. We will provide maintenance to all our Commercial re-roofing projects in NY, NJ and CT to ensure you get the best out of us.

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Your bottom line depends on a weatherproof building.


When the roof leaks or needs replacement, turn to Tri-State General Construction. We offer commercial roofing services in NY, NJ and CT backed by full license, bonding, and insurance.

Because we are a leading roofing contractor in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut you can rely on us for quick response and availability. Ask around – you’ll find that we have a reputation for reliability and quality.

Ask for your free estimate today.

Other roofing contractors may charge a fee for a roofing estimate. You’ll never pay a cent until the job is done – and your roofing estimate or bid is always free of charge.


Anyone can say their roofing services are excellent. Many can’t (or don’t) back up their talk. So we prefer to prove exactly why you can trust us. The facts are, we offer professional, quality, on-time roofing services that customers can count on to give them great results.

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If your commercial building needs a new roof or roofing repair, give us a call. Our experienced estimators will work with you to schedule the best time during your business hours.

Complete Reroofing

We will use our state-of-the-art roof buggy to ensure no particles from roofing debris fall to the floor. We will then check for any rotted plywood and replace accordingly. We will install all materials needed to ensure your job is done once and done right.

Layer Over

We will check your roof before installing a layer over the existing to ensure it is done properly. We will install a layer of shingles of your choice.

Roof Repairs

We will get to the bottom of your leaks and repair your roof to ensure no further damages will arise and let you know if the repair will fix your problems.

What We Offer

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