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Questions You Should Ask Your General Contractors in NJ

Updated: May 17, 2022

By now you already know that Tri-State General Contractors is the Leading General Contractor in NJ and Commercial Construction Roofing Company in Tri-State Area. But regardless of who you decide upon to be your general contractor for your project, what are some of the key questions to ask to be sure you get the very best contractor for your project.

1. How long have you been in business?

This is a very important question because you most definitely want a New Jersey General Contractor that has been in business for at least three years.

There are many builders that start out working for another company and then have a desire to strike out on their own and start their own company.

And some of these new contracting firms are very good, but unfortunately, some aren't. So when hiring NJ General Contractors, you do not want to invest your contracting dollars in a company that has proven itself over the long haul.

It costs too much money to be an experiment so a new contractor can build up their portfolio. And your number one best indicator of a contractor is that he or she has been in business for a few years.

2. Please provide me the contact information for 3 to 5 homeowners that have had a project done by you that is similar to my own project.

This is going deeper into the quality of the contractor you are considering hiring.

Sure, they may show you photos on their website of projects they have built, but you do not know the real story.

And ultimately, what is important is how satisfied their clients were.

If you ask for references and are told the contractor likes to keep client details private, then run for the hills.

No legitimate contractor will refuse to provide you with several references for projects similar to theirs.

And once you get those references, by all means, call them up. You'll learn far more about the company than you can get from any other source.

And be prepared to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly. They may tell you that the company was great, or on the other hand, they may have a whole litany of complaints about the company including:

  • The final build was far more than the estimate

  • There was a long delay either in starting the project, or there were long pauses in the build.

  • Workers seem to be unorganized, and there didn't seem to be anyone in charge.

  • Another common complaint is that workers showed up late, knocked off early, or were quite rude and undisciplined to you or your family.

  • Finally, you may have complaints that the building or materials seemed shoddy or that workers left a mess after completing the project.

Your purpose is in discovering if they would all hire the same contractor again as well as in determining what kind of contracting they operate.

3. How soon can you start work on the project?

Believe it or not, the best General Contractors in NJ are often quite busy. So you want to know if a contractor is large enough to handle multiple projects at the same time and know how soon they can accommodate your project.

You might have narrowed your search down to two great contractors, but if with one of them you have to wait three months before they can start on your project, guess which one you will likely choose?

4. How much will my project cost?

Quite naturally you will want to have at least three different bids, but once you received them, don't just jump for the cheapest.

Look carefully at the bids and then go back to those with higher bids and ask them to justify why their bids were higher.

Here's where you can often get the real story of what a contractor thinks of his competitors.

The reason for a higher bid may include better materials, their workmen are more seasoned or trained, and they are experienced enough and have a good enough reputation to justify the higher costs.

This is not to suggest that some contractors are overpriced, but truly great contractors will often all be in the middle of the bids. They use quality building materials, they have a reputation for excellence, and their workers are well-trained, well paid, and disciplined.

Choose your general contractor very well and take your time doing so. It is well worth the investment in your time in ensuring you and the contractor are the right fit.

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